The Horror Honeys: This is One Door Best Left Closed...

This is One Door Best Left Closed...

A Supernatural Honey Eyeroll Inducing Review by Suzanne

At the Devil’s Door (2014)

I’ve had a screener of this film for months and just refused to watch it based on the word of mouth, but in trying to catch up on films at the end of the year, I finally squeezed it in. 

The synopsis describes this as a “haunted house” film, but that’s not what it is at all. A girl makes a pact with a demon for a roll of cash. When she realizes what she’s wanted for, she tries to end the agreement, but ultimately kills herself. Unfortunately, the demon is not satisfied and starts looking for another brood mare to be reborn as a human.

At the Devil's Door is not an original story, by any stretch, and it suffers from too many stories going on at once, flashbacks, and unnecessary characters. 

The initial story about the teen and her greedy downfall is actually quite decent, but it’s too fragmented. Hannah (Ashley Rickards) is a compelling and sympathetic character, but they don’t give her enough screen time. Rickards did a suitable job and the flashbacks to her character were the only watchable portions of the movie. Had this story been the focus of the entire film, it might have had a chance.

She looks precocious. She probably has it coming.
Is that... Knob Kardashian? Oh, no. It's just a Glee kid.
Thenk the filmmakers make the mistake of flashing forward to real estate agent, Leigh, trying to sell the house. She has no real backstory other than ambition, but suddenly becomes the main protagonist, until she isn’t anymore. Vera (Naya Nivera), Leigh’s artist sister, then takes over as the main character.

Inundated with jump scares and no real continuity, I simply lost interest while trying to follow the convoluted plot, which ultimately had no ending. It’s just… ended.

This was obviously filmed a while ago, before Rivera had her extensive plastic surgery to look like Kim Kardashian. I wouldn’t be surprised if this sat on a shelf for a few years.

Supernatural Honey Verdict: 1.5 demon births out of 5
Close your mouth. That's how the devil gets in.

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