The Horror Honeys: Supernatural Sunday Jam ~ "Happy Phantom"

Supernatural Sunday Jam ~ "Happy Phantom"

And if I die today I'll be the happy phantom
And I'll go chassin' the nuns out in the yard 
And I'll run naked through the streets without my mask on
And I will never need umbrellas in the rain 
I'll wake up in strawberry fields every day

Tori Amos, aka the patron saint of strange little girls, has written at least one song that could apply to every Honey genre. But since "Happy Phantom" is one of my favorites, you get a Tori Amos Supernatural Sunday Jam! Off of her debut album, Little Earthquakes, "Happy Phantom" is one of the jazzier Amos tunes, but as with most of her songs, a nice dark undercurrent is bubbling just below the surface. But then again, I'd totally be down for strawberry fields and scaring the shit out of nuns.

Just me? Whatever. I own it. ~RH