The Horror Honeys: Supernatural Honey’s Top Films of 2014

Supernatural Honey’s Top Films of 2014

A Supernatural Honey’s Year End Wrap Up by Suzanne

2014 was a busy year for me. I moved to Chicago from NYC, started a new job, and saw a shit-ton of movies. Most of what I saw was crap, but there were a few gems along the way. Only a couple of these films can actually be considered “supernatural” and not all of them are even considered horror, but I like to think of myself as a well-rounded movie goer.

As is everything else in my world, this list is in alpha order.

The Babadook - This is a truly deep film about the struggles of grief and depression, but unfortunately, it was a little too subversive for a lot of horror fans who were expecting something a little more obvious. I found it to be incredibly personal, which is what made it terrifying on a different level. (See my review HERE)

Cheap Thrills - I knew virtually nothing about this film when I saw it and actually almost turned it off in the first 15 minutes. I’m so glad I didn’t. Once the games begin, they don’t let up until the very end. It’s everything a dark comedy should be (Head Honey's review is HERE).

The Guest - This isn’t technically a horror film, although there are genre elements. The Guest was a wild ride. It was a lesson in how easily one person can manipulate and take advantage of a family’s vulnerability and grief. I found myself biting my nails through 90% of it. Plus, Dan Stevens!

Honeymoon - With strong performances by Rose Leslie and Harry Treadaway, and an original script, Honeymoon had me hooked in the first 5 minutes. Touching, heartbreaking, creepy, and, at times, really disgusting, this effort by first time director Leigh Janiak was easily my favorite film of the year. (See my review HERE)

Horns - I’m probably one of 5 people that actually really liked Horns and I can live with that. While it was missing some important elements from the book, it was a solid adaptation with some standout performances in this tale of grief and what happens when you’re powerless in the face your true feelings. (See my review HERE)

Starry Eyes - I actually hated every character in this film and was thrilled with each and every death, which I told the writers/directors when we interviewed them. Still, there was something oddly beautiful and familiar with a girl’s search for validation and success, even it it did require selling her soul. (See the review HERE)

As I look over my list, I begin to see a pattern. All of these films deal with grief and loss, and self-discovery on different levels. I guess that’s a reflection of my life over the last year. These were all films I was able to connect with personally.

Movies that pissed me off in 2014

2014 was a great year for genre films. There were so many fantastic indie films and an even bigger pool of films that had great ideas, acting and writing, but fell just a little short. In fact, there were really only a couple of movies that were so bad, I was angry for even allowing myself to see them.

Ouija - This exercise in boring got me completely riled, but mostly because I knew it would be crap and I still allowed myself to be subject to it. Poorly executed story, jump scares and dead acting by a crop of generic young actors somehow managed to pull in an audience. I don’t get it. (See my review HERE)

Annabelle - I am still aghast at how many people found themselves terrified by this film. Sure, dolls are scary, but this one literally does nothing. NOTHING. I sat in the theatre chewing my cuticles because that was far more engrossing that Annabelle. It’s formulaic and cliche. I like my horror with a little originality. (See my review HERE)

Oculus - Gosh, I wanted to like this film, I really did. Even after I watched it I thought, meh. However, the longer I thought about, the more it pissed me off. Fucking alternate universes, no real villain and a damn mirror with no backstory created a muddled narrative. Of the three, this film is the least offensive, but it still makes me mad. (See my review HERE)

I’m not sure why these films become so popular. Have horror fans become so desperate for entertainment that they’ll latch onto anything the studios throw at us? That would surprise me considering how many great independent films are out there. Sure, they’re not all going to play at your local theater, but with most films coming out on VOD ahead of their release, they are available. 

So let’s all do ourselves a favor in 2015 and spend our money wisely. Put it in support of independent filmmakers and stop throwing money at Blumhouse and the Weinsteins. Maybe then we can put an end to these big studio crap-fests.

Rant over.

Happy New Year! Supernatural Honey loves you.