The Horror Honeys: Sleepy Hollow: Season 2, Episode 14 ~ Kali Yuga

Sleepy Hollow: Season 2, Episode 14 ~ Kali Yuga

A Horror TV Honey Episode Recap by Lisa

After last's week dance with a bloodied artist, the introduction of Carmilla seemed full of promise. Then she turned into a vampire, no a demon, no a Vetela and, basically, looked like she wandered off of the set of Supernatural. I realize that it's really easy to make comparisons between Supernatural and Sleepy Hollow, but it didn't used to be so overlapping in feeling. Is there now a term for when Ichabod and Abbie have their required heart to heart just as there is one for Sam and Dean?  

This dedicate this song to Lisa Fremont.
Anyway.... who's Carmilla? She's the woman who took Hawley in and now she's looking for his help. She has come to town to steal a very specific artifact from Theodore Knox's estate. Knox as in Fort Knox, not Knox Jolie-Pitt. As seems to be the norm in Sleepy Hollow, Knox's estate goes well below ground level and contains a vast and intricate vault. So intricate, we get a bit of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom with some very complex symbols, puzzles and deadly booby traps. The fun doesn't stop there though, Short Round. Oh no, we still have a wacked out ceremony to perform on our shirtless hero complete with chanting and bodily harm. I was just waiting for a tiny person to come in and poke Indy, I mean Hawley, with a torch. Despite the glaring similarities, this was all still a fun adventure and Hawley can take his shirt off anytime. I do hope that he will be returning soon. I'd also like to point out that every choice Hawley made in this episode was with the best intentions of his Sleepy Hollow family in mind.

Remember last week when I was excited by the possibility of Katrina searching Irving for supernatural clues? I should have known better than to think that anything with Katrina was going to be genuinely exciting. Sheesh. Talk about an anticlimactic ceremony. Irving's bond with the Horseman of War has been broken, but we still don't know how he came back to life. The only thing we know for sure is that he doesn't have a reflection. The simplest conclusion is to assume Irving is some sort of vampire, but I'm sure he's just some other supernatural baddie that we've seen somewhere among the 200 plus Supernatural episodes. Wait. Is Irving the next Big Bad? Now, that has the potential for some really great television.

Are we sure she hasn't been on Supernatural already?
Beginning and ending the episode with some seriously fun karaoke was a nice way to keep things light even though Ichabod is experiencing strain with his two favorite ladies, Irving's soul is in question and Hawley feels the need to disappear. It's still unclear exactly what would need to change for this show to return to it's former glory and this TV Baby can't help wondering if this is a show that should be limited to short seasons. All of these extra episodes are allowing for a great deal of meandering that is becoming extremely taxing. How do you feel about the direction Sleepy Hollow has been taking?

Oh yeah. The Salem Witch Trials are going to be addressed in the next episode. Color me excited if this means that Katrina will be going away. For good. I'll be sure not to get my hopes up, though.

Miss Jenny is a lucky lady.