The Horror Honeys: Sleepy Hollow: Season 2, Episode 13 ~ Pittura Infamante

Sleepy Hollow: Season 2, Episode 13 ~ Pittura Infamante

A Horror TV Honey Episode Recap by Lisa 

The only sport I enjoy watching is hockey and seeing as how I live in the USA, hockey is rarely the sport that interrupts a television show's schedule. Football on the other hand, is always disrupting television and shows like Sleepy Hollow suffer a bit from this. A random episode every couple of weeks really ruins the flow of the story and can make it difficult to remember all of the intricacies of the various stories. Sleepy Hollow has pretty much taken the Ryan Murphy approach this season and started throwing everything into the mix to see what sticks and it's hard to keep up with all of that when you have multiple week breaks between episodes, but I digress.

"How can one be both business and causal?" This is a very valid question brought up by Ichabod as Abbie dresses him for a night out with Katrina and I'm fairly certain that Ichabod Crane and David Beckham are the only two men on earth who still look sexy with their hair in a bun.

"I'm... too sexy for my bun."
Katrina is undeniably irritating, but it's quite nice to see a married couple behave like a married couple and work through their difficulties rather than just bail when things get rough. In fact, this episode felt a lot like a last ditch effort to get the fans on Katrina's side. By putting Ichabod and Katrina together in a place that would force the two of them to work as a team to stop an evil spirit allowed them to be on screen with one another without any of that annoying couples therapy nonsense.

Friend or foe?
Our murderer in question is a spirit from 1781 who has been trapped within a painting on the John Adams estate and he needs blood so he can finish the Hanged Man painting that he is trapped within. Got it? Just go with it because this particular episode was wicked awesome when it came to the visuals of our evil spirit covered in blood, pulling people into his painting, appearing from a puddle of blood and exiting the painting. It was all very Hellraiser:Hellbound  and it was rad. I kind of wish this guy could have been one of those baddies that defeats them the first go round so we would get to experience him in a later, perhaps cliff hanging, episode.

Despite my apathy towards Sleepy Hollow these last few episodes, I am taking a page out of Ichabod and Katrina's book and staying loyal to this show that was so very captivating at the beginning and I am justly rewarded with the return of Captain Irving. Believed to be a cop killer who was in hiding, he is immediately arrested and despite his excitement at the sight of Abbie, she does not provide the safe haven that he had anticipated. No, Abbie is concerned that Irving is alive, despite having watched him die, because his soul is the property of The Horseman of War. The fact that Irving only remembers his life and not his death leads Miss Jenny and Abbie to wonder if he's covering for Henry.
Yup, still too sexy for this century.

In another attempt to warm the fans up to Katrina, it is posited that she can perform a kind of supernatural exam on Irving in order to determine if he's dangerous. Katrina can be tiresome, but this is a really clever idea and could be a fun thing to watch play out.

This was a pretty good entry into what is becoming an unfocused season and I hope that it signals more of what's to come. If nothing else, we will always have our witty and humorous remarks, like this little gem: "Was she a witch? No, just highly opinionated"