The Horror Honeys: Sleepy Hollow: Season 2, Episode 12 ~ "Paradise Lost"

Sleepy Hollow: Season 2, Episode 12 ~ "Paradise Lost"

A Horror TV Honey 'Back to the Hollow' Episode Recap by Lisa

This Sleepyhead was pretty darn excited when she realized a new Sleepy Hollow was going to be on and then the TV told her that not only was it coming back, but Sleepy Hollow was coming back with a vengeance. Um, not so much.

As usual, the show picked right up where they left us. The remains of Moloch lay before the white trees and Ichabod and Abbie wake up to see that they have succeeded in defeating both Henry and Moloch. Wait. Where is Henry? Katrina is clearly more concerned about the location of her son than she is about the health and wellbeing of her husband. Seriously, this girl just gets more and more suspect with every episode and this one may have been the most damning so far. Clearly, all of her Wiccan powers are back and in full effect. The real question is, what will she be doing with them? Currently, she is dead set on separating Abraham from the Horseman of Death and she's even willing to use her marriage as a bargaining tool to get it done. Suspect!

Would I still be watching if it weren't Mr. Mison staring me down?

As Ichabod points out all of the many clues that indicate something is not right in Sleepy Hollow, Abbie says,"I'm not saying that this isn't supernatural Crane..." Really? Are you quite sure that I'm, in fact, not watching Supernatural because the glaring similarities can no longer be ignored or denied. The extra studious partner gathers all of the clues and information and then rallies the other one to go out on a field trip that will, ultimately, end in some sort of danger and/or supernatural revelation. We even get one of our "witnesses" lamenting about their true place on this earth. As per usual, this bonding moment is disrupted by some ghoulies doing a strange ritual in a barn. You know, the usual stuff.
Well, these clothes are a bit of an improvement.
Wait a minute! Is that a poor man's Wes Bentley dressed as a steward of the Night's Watch? No, try again. It's an angel. Uh, duh. Now, the Supernatural similarities have officially come full circle. Like most angels, Orion speaks in an irritatingly cryptic manner and his loyalties are, more than likely, not where our heroes need them to be. See, that's the thing with creatures who have escaped from Purgatory, you just can't take everything they say at face value. Especially not an angel. 

"I thought all produce organic by nature."
Orion has one purpose and that is to kill the horseman who also escaped purgatory: Death. Yes, yes, the same horseman that Katrina is trying to separate from Abraham. By appealing to Ichabod's emotions, Katrina creates just enough of a diversion to allow Abraham to escape. Katrina is always making decisions that cause strife between Ichabod and Abbie and it's really tired. Of course, this time it ends up being o.k. when we learn that Orion wants to kill the Horseman in order to gain his powers. Do you even have to ask what an angel wants to do with extra powers? Pass judgement on humanity, duh. Meh. Cue the fight between baddies as Ichabod and Abbie also fight off supernatural creatures and then arrive just in time to help Headless defeat this week's Big Bad.

Friend or Foe?
This episode was so full of contrived moments and tons of 'been there, done that' reveals that it just felt tedious. Then to make matters worse, we have to wait two weeks for another new episode. The only thing, besides the undeniable charms of Tom Mison, was the reveal of Captain Irving at the end of the episode. We still don't know what form he has returned in, but I'm just happy to have him back. I think.