The Horror Honeys: Sci-Friday Jam ~ 'If the Government Could Read My Mind'

Sci-Friday Jam ~ 'If the Government Could Read My Mind'

Baby I'm more than a little concerned you see
About the New World Order conspiracies
And the covert spreading of deadly disease
They've got earthquake machines and UFO's
And black helicopters wherever we go
But I forget them all when you are with me
They can telepathically read my mind I'm not scared of what
They'll find - Let them do what they're gonna do
Cuz if the government can read my mind
They know I'm thinking of you

If there is a cuter love song about seriously crippling paranoia, I can't think of one. The Vandals, easily one of the most influential 90s punk bands, were not without their share of socially conscious, tin-foil hat songs, but this one has always been a favorite. Is there anything more romantic than a paranoid boy focusing his craziness on you?

Ok... there are probably many more romantic things. But as a Vandals fan, "If the Government Could Read My Mind" is about as sweet as it gets. ~RH