The Horror Honeys: Sci-Friday Jam ~ 'E.T.'

Sci-Friday Jam ~ 'E.T.'

Wanna be your victim, ready for abduction
Boy, Boy you're an alien, your touch so foreign
It's supernatural, extra-terrestrial
You're so supersonic
Wanna feel your powers, stun me with your laser
Your kiss is cosmic, every move is magic
You're from a whole 'nother world
A different dimension
You open my eyes

More on the merit of the video subject matter than anything, this Honey Jam entry is the only time that Kanye West and his ego will come anywhere near this site. "E.T." is a love song of intergalactic proportions, and my obsession with makeup and music video art direction is what lands it here on this Sci-Friday. Katy's alien transformation is beautiful to watch, and with some gorgeous time lapse footage of decaying nature, the video is more of a work of art than anything. "E.T." is a unique part of Katy Perry's videography and this Honey is definitely a fan. For those not into Perry and her vocal stylings... watch it on mute, it's still beautiful. ~ HH