The Horror Honeys: Saturday Morning Horror Cartoon ~ 'SpoOk'

Saturday Morning Horror Cartoon ~ 'SpoOk'

Vancouver has a thriving lowbrow art scene, and many of the artists who make this creative city their home start out by taking classes at one of the local film and animation schools. A BC-born artist who has now become a good friend of mine, Megz Majewski, began her artistic career in Vancouver Film School as an animation student. Over 10 years ago, her first animation short film project was produced, and set the scene for her future painting career. 

Megz' original animated short film, SpoOk, tells the story of a lonely little ghost girl who's looking for a new playmate. However, when the object of her affection isn't on the same plane as her, she has to take matters into her own spectral hands. 

Megz has since moved on from animation to painting highly detailed, and hauntingly beautiful original works of art. You can check out her work on her website, and keep up with her art on instagram.