The Horror Honeys: Saturday Gamer Jam ~ 'Far Away'

Saturday Gamer Jam ~ 'Far Away'

Step in front of a runaway train, just to feel alive again.
Pushing forward through the night, aching chest and blurry sight.
It's so far, so far away.
It's so far, so far away.
Cold wind blows into the skin.
Can't believe the state you're in...

There were two things I discovered right away as I began playing Rock Star's western adventure (with an undead add-on) Red Dead Redemption: first, I have an embarrassing crush on lead character John Marston, and two, the music within the game is gorgeous. The game itself is fantastic, and I've been playing it as slowly as I can to ensure it lasts as long as possible. But with each new mission, or story, or time spent wandering in the west on my trusty horse, I am blown away by the soundtrack. One of my favorite tracks, however, is "Far Away," performed by Jose Gonzalez. It's the perfect accompaniment to an adventure game that is always tinged with a hint of sadness. ~RH