The Horror Honeys: Saturday Gamer Jam ~ 'The Bomb'

Saturday Gamer Jam ~ 'The Bomb'

Wait, 1 for the money and a 2 for the show
But 3 to be a legend even if I'm poor
I ain't chasin' nothin' you gon' have to catch me
And if you wanna taste you gon' have to pay a fee
I'm the bomb and I'm 'bout to blow up

My lack of affection for zombie-based films also carries over to zombie-based video games. With the exception of the occasional Resident Evil game (and I'm sure we could debate for HOURS over whether or not the Umbrella Corporation created actual zombies), I'm not a fan of undead survival gaming. However, I am utterly blown away by the graphics in the trailers for Dead Island 2, which has a release planned for this spring. In fact, between the graphics, the story presented in the trailer, and the inclusion of Pigeon John's "The Bomb," I may break my "no zombies" rule for this game. So instead of a typical music video Honey Jam, this week you get the extended Dead Island 2 trailer, which features the whole song.

But seriously... this game looks fucking bonkers. ~RH