The Horror Honeys: Saturday Comics Jam ~ 'Ghost World'

Saturday Comics Jam ~ 'Ghost World'

Everyone I know is acting weird 
Or way too cool 
They hang out by the pool 
So I just read a lot and ride my bike 
Around the school 
'Cause I'm bailing this town
Or tearing it down 
Or probably more like hanging around 
Hanging around

If you were a girl who grew up reading comics, Daniel Clowes's Ghost World was basically a rite of passage. Whether or not you identified with Enid and Rebecca (and I did), the graphic novel was a pivotal part of growing up. It was basically Daria for the comic-reading set and it was amazing. So of course, singer/songwriter/goddess Aimee Mann's song based on the comic is just as fantastic. The movie version of Ghost World? Better than it had a right to be. So caustic, consistently-annoyed girls unite. This is our anthem. ~RH