The Horror Honeys: Murder Monday Jam ~ 'Skinned'

Murder Monday Jam ~ 'Skinned'

Hey, I could really use a couple of hands
To complete one hell of a plant stand
Oh, and don't you know that I'm caught here in the middle
Making rib cages into coffee tables
I'm just makin' em into coffee tables
And when I realize that this skin I'm in
Hey, it isn't mine
And when will the thrill be too much meat for me to find anymore

Ed Gein was a crafty kind of guy. When law enforcement arrested quiet, mild mannered Eddie, they discovered that his house was full of curious knick knacks... bowls made out of human skulls, lampshades made of tanned human skin and a curious collection of "wearable art" made of the body parts and skin of various women he had exhumed from the local cemetery. While labeled among historical serial killers, Gein was only responsible for two murders. However, the number of bodies he had exhumed over his lifetime remains unknown.

For those of you 90s kids, Blind Melon was more known for their crazy sweet summer hit "No Rain," so the appearance of a lighthearted approach to Gein's story is more than a little strange, but it's honestly one of my favorite songs of theirs, and tells the story of Gein from the point of view of the killer himself, featuring various threats of what he will do to his victim’s body parts, plus a little of the realization that he might get caught if his obsession gets out of hand. ~HH