The Horror Honeys: Murder Monday Jam ~ 'Du Riechst So Gut'

Murder Monday Jam ~ 'Du Riechst So Gut'

Rammstein ~ Du Riechst So Gut (You Smell So Good)

The track is fresh and on the bridge
drops your sweat, your warm blood
I don't see you
I only smell you, I sense you
A predator that screams of hunger
I track you for miles by scent

You smell so good
you smell so good
I follow you

So yeah, that's not creepy as fuck at all.

Rammstein has an innately special gift that renders their music ass-kickingly amazing and OMGWTF all at the same time. For those who haven't examined Rammstein's music closely, it's easy to gloss over the fact that their Industrial sound is covering some amazing literary and historical roots. For example, this particular song has a literary background. Inspired by lead singer Till Lindemann's favorite book Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. The novel explores the sense of smell and its relationship with the emotional meaning that scents may carry. The story focuses on Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, a perfume apprentice in 18th-century France who, born with no body scent himself, begins to stalk and murder virgins in search of the "perfect scent," which he finds in a young woman named Laure, whom his acute sense of smell finds in a secluded private garden in Grasse.

Stalking, murdering, and a creepy MO... the perfect subject for Rammstein, and a perfect addition to your Murder Monday playlist. PS - set the theme of the song to the startlingly attractive (don't lie, it's hot) art direction of the music video and you have instant nightmare fuel, plus a bit of an American Psycho feel, which considering the time period, I wonder if Mary Harron is a Rammstein fan... wouldn't that be wonderful. ~ HH