The Horror Honeys: Indie Reviews: Laura Maxfield's Short Films

Indie Reviews: Laura Maxfield's Short Films

A Guest Honey Spotlight by Tonjia Atomic

Laura Maxfield’s short films are quietly introspective. There is an eerie element about this quietness. Her films have a beautifully natural look which only serves to aid the pervasive creepiness. It is not just the look of the films that is natural. There is a easy realism in the settings and acting style as well. The stories come across as personal explorations of characters in extreme situations. Her first two films A Girl, a Cat, A Bomb and Hunting show quite a bit of promise.

In A Girl, a Cat, a Bomb, a girl looks out of her New York apartment building to see a nuclear bomb exploding. What follows is her own personal reaction to the catastrophic event. She is only accompanied by her cat. It is a simple and fascinating character study.

Trailer: a Girl, a Cat, a Bomb from Laura Maxfield on Vimeo.

Although A Girl, a Cat, a Bomb has its unsettling moments, Hunting is the more spooky of the two shorts. It is the story of a slow unravelling of sanity. It is reminiscent to Roman Polanski’s The Tenant and the short story The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. The audience is never quite sure what the actual reality is. This is done quite well with the tones ranging from subtle to extreme. Megan Melnyk is lovely as Tina. She really draws you in to the story and the character. There are some real creep out moments in this one as well.

Trailer: Hunting from Laura Maxfield on Vimeo.

Both shorts are visually appealing and technically well made. What is more, they have a unique voice. Laura Maxfield has a definite distinctive style that is polished and easy to watch while at the same time holding on to the creep factor. She is definitely a director to watch. I’m hoping to see a feature from her soon.  

Tonjia Atomic is a frequent Guest Honey contributor and is a filmmaker, musician, and freelance writer. You can find out more about her at www.tonjiaatomic.comor connect at Twitter!