The Horror Honeys: Honey Rabbit Hole Buzz ~ MS-Dos Games Online for Free??

Honey Rabbit Hole Buzz ~ MS-Dos Games Online for Free??

I don't know if I want to open mouth kiss the people at Entertainment Weekly or put a hex on them for introducing me to this, but either way... It's too late. A non-profit website known as Internet Archive has uploaded a treasure trove of classic MS-DOS games and it's basically like hoping in the actual Wayback Machine into your childhood if you were gamer.

So get ready to fall down an Internet rabbit hole... THEY HAVE OREGON TRAIL!

Internet Archive's Software Library is loaded with classic video games like the original Wolfenstein, several Street Fighters, Donkey Kong, Leisure Suit Larry (which is like an 80s/90s version of GTA), and even the original Cool World, Terminator 2, and Star Wars games. I won't say navigating these titles on a modern computer is easy... In fact, I made it about two minutes in to Maniac Mansion before I couldn't deal with controlling three characters by constantly clicking "walk to" and "read," then choosing characters, then starting all over. It gets brutal. But other games, like Oregon Trail and Ms. Pacman play exactly like they did 25 years ago.

When we warn you that you are going to lose hours on this site, take us seriously. There are hundreds of games and right now, I am barely stopping myself from going back to play Neuromancer. But for real... if you come to in three days with dysentery and wondering why your dog is chewing on your foot, we accept zero responsibility.

And for those of you who never got this reference in Family Guy, congratulations! You too, can now conquer the DRAGON'S LAIR!

Which of these games were YOU obsessed with as a kid? Let me know on Twitter! ~ Revenge Honey