The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ The X-Files Reboot Rumor Mill

Honey Buzz ~ The X-Files Reboot Rumor Mill

Earlier today, the Internet was abuzz with equal parts enthusiasm and rage when Entertainment Weekly reported that executives at the Fox network were in talks with writer/director Chris Carter to bring back one of their most successful series to date: the groundbreaking supernatural sci-drama The X-Files. The news comes just a few months after David Lynch announced his intent to revive his decades-old series Twin Peaks, a show with many of the same actors and peculiar mythology of The X-Files, both anchored by a similarly vibrant cult following. In a deluge of 90s nostalgia, hashtags began to pop up around twitter begging network executives to consider bringing back The X-Files later this year or next.

Now that the possibility exists, we need to take a hard look at what it could mean for a fandom that has already invested in nine television seasons and two feature films worth of following the ups and downs of Agents Mulder and Scully, the FBI’s most unwanted. While details on the revival of the series are still in their preliminary “conversation” stage, all we can do at this point is speculate on the pros and cons of a possible reboot of this beloved pop-culture phenomenon.

What’s good:

Chris Carter is involved in the conversation. To the extent that he will be involved if the reboot actually does happen remains to be seen, but after he was recently burned by Amazon over the shelving of his new sci-fi series The After, the man deserves some redemption. He’s a brilliant science fiction writer, and if this is the way he continues to share his gift with the world, I’m all for it.

David and Gillian are still very much around, and thriving. Both have been working steadily since their departure from the series, and look better than ever. Their recent appearances together at San Diego Comic Con and their continued witty/flirtatious exchanges on twitter reveal that their chemistry is still intact. Despite Duchovny’s untimely departure from the original series run, it’s not unthinkable that the two could reprise the roles they embodied for nearly two decades.

What’s bad:

It’s been seven years since the last new X-Files project hit our screens – 2008’s I Want to Believe – and the reception of the film, both in the critical consensus and in the box office, was lukewarm at best. SDCC’s 2013 X-Files reunion, celebrating 20 years since the airing of the original pilot, may have reinvigorated a fanbase that was dormant. The buzz sounding today’s news proves that not only are the X-Philes still out there; but that they have an impassioned opinion on the next direction of this enduring saga. 

This Sci-Fi Honey is cautiously optimistic about the possibility of a reboot, if the right people are involved and the series has a reason (other than a financial one) to continue to be relevant. The X-Files universe has many depths to mine and questions to answer should the story continue, and I’m all in if this project sees the light of day. In other words, I want to believe.