The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ What the ACTUAL What, Ryan Murphy?

Honey Buzz ~ What the ACTUAL What, Ryan Murphy?

A Revenge Honey Honey Buzz Rant

Up to this point, Head Honey Kat has kind of cornered the market on rants regarding Ryan Murphy's next project American Crime Story (you can read them here and here). Murphy chose to base the first season of this ratings grab on the OJ Simpson trial, and while I find the whole thing tasteless and ill-timed, I really couldn't give two fucks. Since I had no intention of watching it regardless, it was all just white noise in the black hole of crap that is Ryan Murphy's cannon as of late.

Until today.

Today, a casting announcement was made regarding American Crime Story that has forced me into the frustrating position of having to actually be annoyed. Because today, I am forced to call Ryan Murphy and production partner Brad Falchuk out as hypocrites. Today, I am calling bullshit on their whole empire.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Murphy has cast John Travolta, noted Xenu enthusiast, face of the Scientolgy empire, and closeted... Barbra Streisand fan... as OJ's lawyer, Robert Shapiro. Now, one of the main reasons I have become fed up with the work of Ryan Murphy is his insistence on making every single one of his shows a giant metaphor sledgehammer for struggles of the LGBTQQI community. First, he's preaching to the choir. Second, there are ways to do it without making it obnoxious and Murphy just doesn't get it. But casting Travolta in his show? That just proves Murphy is actually more about money and ratings than the struggles of his own people.

Scientology, the "religion" founded by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, is just as anti-gay as the most extreme fundamentalist branch of Christianity. Not only does Scientology shun any potential openly (note: openly) gay members, but they have a terrifying gay conversion therapy program in place. And Murphy hiring John Travolta? That's akin to Steven Spielberg casting Mel Gibson as Judah Maccabee in a movie about Hanukkah. I can't even begin to fathom what possessed Murphy and Falchuk to believe this was an acceptable move, but one thing is for sure. I am officially done with anything either of these two men have their money-grubbing hands in. Because what's worse than having no grasp of subtlety? Having no principles.