The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Trailer for iZombie

Honey Buzz ~ Trailer for iZombie

Added to a list of "things I can't decide how I feel about" today: iZombie

While the trailer both intrigues and annoys me on several levels, it's easy to get the gist of what's going on in the new CW series iZombie, which is based on a comic of the same name, with a few key details changed.  

Extremely young and attractive coroner, Liv (hahah ugh) is a zombie, while eating the brains of her deceased subjects, she has visions of their last moments, and absorbs a bit of their lives. So, that's a nice nod to some cannibalistic tribes who believed that eating the brains of their enemies resulted in gaining their power and life force, among other things... like Kwashiorkor disease, but that's besides the point. Liv uses this "power" to help her law enforcement friends solve crimes. 

Now, of course the dilemma here is that Liv, is dead. But thankfully, she's not rotting or gross, or anything like a zombie whatsoever. In fact, she's downright attractive. Apparently that's also the point according to creator Rob Thomas (via THR):

The center of the show is a zombie you can fall in love with. A zombie you want to date. We were calling the show ZILFs. It helped me a lot that Warm Bodies had made it out in the universe and there was an example of a zombie you fall in love with. It gave us the confidence to say a zombie can be a hero of our show.

Cue my reaction:

And yeah... that was the term ZILF you saw in that quote. Zombie. I'd. Like. To. Fuck. 

But anywho... check out the trailer and decide for yourself. 

iZombie premieres on CW Tuesday, March 17th