The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Trailer #2 for CHAPPIE

Honey Buzz ~ Trailer #2 for CHAPPIE

A thinking robot could be the end of mankind...

Perfect for this #SciFriday, the release of a second trailer for Neill Blomkamp's Chappie has me all kinds of excited for this film.

Blomkamp's visions of a dystopian future are an exceptional trademark - Tim Burton has stripes, Blomkamp as complete and utter destruction of society as we know it. I like it.

This second trailer expands on the "human" story told in the first trailer (check it out here), and explores more of the conflict that surrounds Chappie's creation. Chappie looks like Sci-Fi action in fine form, if retaining a bit of "Johnny 5 is alive" charm.

I'm also a big giant fan of seeing Hugh Jackman as the bad guy - and a bad guy with a bad haircut to boot.

Chappie hits theatres on March 6th, 2015, 
and you can bet I'll be first in line.