The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Psychosexual Horror - ANGELICA trailer

Honey Buzz ~ Psychosexual Horror - ANGELICA trailer

Cult horror fans will be familiar with the name Mitchell Lichtenstein as the director of everyone's favorite coming of age/sexual awakening/castration film, Teeth. His newest film is not so much of a departure from the horror of sexuality, but Angelica is definitely different from his first feature film.  Based on the novel by Arthur Phillips, Angelica stars Jena Malone as a wife and mother haunted by spirits in Victorian England. Get ready for a lot of Jena Malone's "acting face," sometimes it's good... and sometimes it's awkward. 

The story: A couple living in Victorian London endure an unusual series of psychological and supernatural effects following the birth of their child.

The story from the novel: London, in the 1880s, with the Barton household on the brink of collapse. Mother, father, and daughter provoke one another, consciously and unconsciously, and a horrifying crisis is triggered. As the family’s tragedy is told several times from different perspectives, events are recast and sympathies shift. In the dark of night, a chilling sexual spectre is making its way through the house, hovering over the sleeping girl and terrorizing her fragile mother. Are these visions real, or is there something more sinister, and more human, to fear? A spiritualist is summoned to cleanse the place of its terrors, but with her arrival the complexities of motive and desire only multiply. The mother’s failing health and the father’s many secrets fuel the growing conflicts, while the daughter flirts dangerously with truth and fantasy.

Set at the dawn of psychoanalysis and the peak of spiritualism’s acceptance, Angelica is also an evocative historical novel that explores the timeless human hunger for certainty.

I don't know about you, but I suddenly need to read this book... like right now.

Check out the trailer for Angelica, and let me know on twitter what you think... stick to the book, or check out the film?

Angelica will have its film festival premiere on February 15th at the Berlin Film Festival, more details about its wider release should (hopefully) follow. 

(Source: SlashFilm)