The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ NEW TWD Season 5 Key Art Revealed

Honey Buzz ~ NEW TWD Season 5 Key Art Revealed

Expectation for the return of The Walking Dead for the final half of Season 5 has nearly every TWD fan wrapped up in tense little knots. Sure, Carol blew shit up in the season premiere, but it's fair to say that Season 5 hasn't been everyone's favorite, and it seems to have sparked some serious fan entitlement and misplaced butthurt unlike any season previous - looking at YOU, Beth petition signers (You can read the Horror TV Honey's comments here and here about this particular subject).

However when key art like this is released, it puts everyone at ease that they can expect a killer second half to an otherwise "meh" season, which is nothing short of awesome.

I don't need to tell you what's in the photo. You already know that Rick Grimes is a BAMF, and that Daryl will be right there to back him up. The group is on the move again, and while fans of the comic book know that they're likely walking towards Negan and his group of scumbags (check out casting rumors here), the rest of us will have to wait and see...once February hits, all bets are off.

But, food for thought, does the "New World" need this Rick Grimes or have we finally lost the real Rick Grimes to tragedy and heartbreak?

Dun dun dunnnnn!