The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Neill Blomkamp + Alien = All the Desperate Crying

Honey Buzz ~ Neill Blomkamp + Alien = All the Desperate Crying

Pictured: My internal reaction.
After the rollercoaster one-sided relationship I've had with Ridley Scott over the past few months, suffice to say that I've been a little bitter about anything and everything to do with any talk of Alien or Prometheus 2, or Sir Ridley in general. However...I stumbled across a random post this morning on instagram that someone had shared - Neill Blomkamp had been working on an Alien project, but apparently he's not anymore, and took to his own instagram account to drop spoiler after spoiler after spoiler of amazing concept art. After I'd picked up my phone off the ground where I'd thrown it in a furious rage that this was no longer happening, I had to post it here before something happened and they all disappeared.

Included in the images is beautiful concept art of an older Ripley, Hicks, a Weyland-Yutani building, a photo of a xenomorph model, and an OMG NO NO NO facehugger/alien rape projectile sketch. Of course, that cheeky bastard Blomkamp doesn’t say what the Alien project would have been, but suffice to say that whatever it was would have been utterly beautiful and I'm feeling insanely robbed and ragey about the fact that this isn't happening right about meow.

I totally freaked out when I saw this.
Concept art by Geoffroy Thoorens
(Photo Source: Instagram)