The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Kino Lorber Re-Releasing Bava's 'Black Sunday!'

Honey Buzz ~ Kino Lorber Re-Releasing Bava's 'Black Sunday!'

When it comes to the world giallos, there is little question that the work of Mario Bava stands out as some of the genre's better. Here at the Honeys, a few of us are huge fans, and have even reviewed one of his stand-out classics, Black Sunday. But like many horror fans, there is no ignoring the fact that most of Bava's work, especially Black Sunday, has suffered from the curse of over-dubbing. However, Kino Lorber is once again to the rescue!

Already released in it's original Italian format on blu-ray by Kino once before, the company is now putting out the original American version of Black Sunday. Transferred into HD from it's original 35mm print, this release has been re-dubbed for the occasion (which hopefully means we don't have to suffer through the English-Italian-English disaster most other copies of the film contain). The film has been re-edited, and a new soundtrack courtesy of Les Baxter has been added. So we can't wait to see what THIS Black Sunday looks like!

Kino Lorber's re-release of Black Sunday will be available on February 24, and cost $19.95, which is kind of a steal if you'd been spending buckets on the badly dubbed versions before. Head over to Kino and check out everything they have to offer until Black Sunday comes out! ~ Revenge Honey