The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Idris Elba Believes 'Poe Must Die'

Honey Buzz ~ Idris Elba Believes 'Poe Must Die'

Here at the Honeys, we are huge fans of English actor Idris Elba: from his work on television series Luther to his roles in Thor, Prometheus, and No Good Deeds, Elba could sit on a stage reading the Technical Manual on Routine Active Maintenance and we'd be first in line for tickets.

So imagine our excitement when it was announced that Elba was developing a trilogy based on Marc Olden's historical thriller Poe Must Die! Our excitement looks something like this...

Published in 1978, Poe Must Die focuses on a demon-fighting Edgar Allen Poe and his partnership with a world-renown boxer as the pair track down a talented magician who murdered the fighter's wife. The magician is simultaneously hunting down a mystical artifact that will grant him immortality and power over the devil.  

It hasn't been announced yet whether or not Elba will star in Poe Must Die, but he could easily play either the boxer or the sorcerer. Either way... we're in for the full trilogy.

Have you read Poe Must Die? Are you looking forward to Elba's interpretation of the stories? Let us know!

(Source: Variety)