The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Fincher, Flynn, Affleck, & Hitchcock

Honey Buzz ~ Fincher, Flynn, Affleck, & Hitchcock

For those that enjoyed Gone Girl in book form (see The Hardcover Honey's review HERE) or the film version (check out the Revenge Honey's review HERE) will be stoked to hear that the creators of both incarnations will be reuniting with a cast member for a revisitation of a Hitchcock classic, Strangers on a Train. Returning to direct will be David Fincher, and screenwriter Gillian Flynn is reportedly in talks to add her talents to the new adaptation of the Patricia Highsmith novel of the same name. 

Via a Deadline report, Warner Bros. has given this new approach to Hitchcock a simpler title: Strangers. The plot of the new film will reportedly be slightly different from that of Hitchcock’s tale; the main character is a movie star in the middle of an Oscar campaign (played by Ben Affleck), rather than a famous tennis player, the journey has also been updated and takes place on a plane instead of a train. It’s probably just as well that the title has been truncated. Strangers on a Plane sounds fucking stupid.

For those of you familiar with modern air travel, the idea of re-scripting this film for a plane instead of a train is more than mildly off-putting. Trains are classy, planes are cramped angry bullshit. Does the integral conversation take place in the airport lounge? Traversing train cars has worked for killers in the past, but anything on a plane usually ends up sucking, or turning into an episode of Lost.
In the 1951 adaptation of Highsmith’s story, Farley Granger played the tennis player, Guy Haines, who yearns to be rid of his cheating wife so that he can be free to marry a senator’s daughter. While on a train journey he meets a charming psychopath called Bruno (Robert Walker) who happens to want his own father killed. Bruno cheerfully suggests that they “criss-cross” murders in order to get away with the killings and Guy accidentally gives the impression that he agrees to this plan. From there, things go quickly downhill.

Given how the plot has been partially changed, ScreenRant also posits that it’s also possible that the murder targets could be different as well. For example, the movie star’s object of loathing could be someone standing in the way of him winning the Oscar, rather than his awful wife. I'm also pretty sure that Affleck would kill someone to get a Best Actor Oscar.

Strangers will likely not be moving forward until the end of 2015, but we'll be keeping an eye on it for sure. 

(Source: ScreenRant)