The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Beetlejuice Sequel News!

Honey Buzz ~ Beetlejuice Sequel News!

Patiently waiting for REAL news.
For those of you who have been following along with us as we alternately squee and then retract said squee because any of the news about Beetlejuice 2 actually just happens to be a bunch of shitty rumors and non-things.

Considering all of the half-ideas and interview snippets we've been fed thus far, having some official news is actually kind of a big deal. Or is it?

Having confirmed a screenwriter in Seth Grahame-Smith, we noe have some quotes from HIM about the film. Buried in a piece about Grahame-Smith in The Hollywood Reporter, the screenwriter is “rejecting the idea of rebooting the movie with a new star in favor of bringing Michael Keaton back in a sequel set in the present day.”
So it looks like there will be quite a time jump between when Beetlejuice ended and when the new sequel kicks off. It also appears that while Grahame-Smith wants to bring Keaton back, he won’t be overusing the actor in the film. Grahame-Smith is reportedly taking Keaton's "less is more" advice with the Beetlejuice character. He noted that in the original Beetlejuice film, the title character doesn't appear until almost the midpoint.
Don't you love it when source articles are written by people who don't give a shit? Let's examine this little tidbit, shall we? Graeme-Smith is the wordsmith who penned the screenplay masterpiece that was Dark Shadows, and wrote the novel and screenplay for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. He's also the writer behind Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and is listed on IMDb as a producer behind the reboots of Gremlins and It. I'm going to let all of that sink in for a minute.

BRB, Eyes rolling uncontrollably.
I don't know about you, but my interest is kind of immediately squished. Now, I'm not usually one to judge the quality of a rumored movie by their previous projects... oh, wait. That's our JOB, now isn't it? Do I trust a man that backs a Gremlins reboot? No, sir, I don't.

I'd also like to point out that while Graeme-Smith may have interpreted Keaton's comment about "less is more" to mean that the whole film shouldn't be about Beetlejuice as a character, it could be argued that Keaton was instead hoping for a subtle role, and not something campy and ridiculous which is what typically happens with sequels. Sequels like this one, especially one so late coming, seem to have a habit of taking the best things that people remember and turn them into running gags and overused schtick. I also have a feeling that it will be presented as a "30 Year Anniversary" type thing in 2018. This is a thought which is depressing on many levels, but that's none of your business. Modern settings are also annoying... here's hoping that Beetlejuice doesn't find a way to bio-exorcise via the interwebs or possess via Google Glass.

While my face is kind of permanently set to grumpy mode when it comes to this project, I won't be changing my tune until I see something more encouraging in the way of official news. What do YOU think?

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