The Horror Honeys: Hardcover Thursday Jam ~ 'Ben'

Hardcover Thursday Jam ~ 'Ben'

Ben, the two of us need look no more
We both found what we were looking for
With a friend to call my own
I'll never be alone
And you my friend will see
You've got a friend in me

Ahhh, the 70s. Gas prices were insane, disco was the music everyone loved to groove to, and Michael Jackson was still an impressionable young boy with his whole future ahead of him. Jackson's popularity had just begun to eclipse that of his family band, and for that reason, he was chosen to sing the theme song for the 1972 horror film, Ben. A sequel to 1971's Willard, which was itself based on the novel Ratman's Notebooks by Stephen Gilbert, Ben focused on a lonely young boy who's only friend was a rat named Ben. While the movie's reception was mixed, the theme went on to become a number one hit for Jackson, win a Golden Globe for best song, and receive an Academy Award nomination (though it lost to "The Morning After" from The Poseidon Adventure). While not everyone remembers Ben the movie, no one will ever forget "Ben" the song. ~RH