The Horror Honeys: Gamer Girl Horror Game Trailer of the Week: Dying Light

Gamer Girl Horror Game Trailer of the Week: Dying Light

"Good night... Good luck..."

Dying Light (2015)

Developer: Techland, Warner Brothers
Release Date: January 2015 (I've already got it, it's fucking rad)

Available on: Windows, Linux, StreamOS, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

What happens when you cut out a scorpion's sting?

Holy shit, Gamer Bees. Zombie themed games have been one upping each other for years now, and if games like The Last of Us and Dying Light are anything to go by... zombies are finally getting the upgrade that they deserve in the gaming world. Dying Light is a first-person POV game experience that is set in a open world - which means you can do whatever the fuck you want... seriously, you can do anything and go anywhere/climb anything. Also, Parkour... parkour everywhere... that's an important part of this world and it's fucking awesome.

Weapons in the game are mostly close contact/melee based, and there are so may items to pick up that it's really a hoarder gamer's treasure trove. If you've seen Blade 2, you'll be familiar with the split jaw zombies present in the game... at night they're fast, terrifying, and completely amazing, but during the day they're a completely different species of zombie. In some versions of the game (PS4 at least) you can even play a campaign as one of the undead... how fucking rad is that?

If you're up for it... strap the fuck in.

Head Honey