The Horror Honeys: Friday Favorites ~ Most Anticipated Movies of 2015

Friday Favorites ~ Most Anticipated Movies of 2015

Every January, the Honeys start the year off excited for what might be. Some years, the selection of movies to get stoked about are slim. But this year? 2015 is going to be awesome (OPTIMISM!). From a new Mad Max film to a Guillermo Del Toro ghost story starring Tom Hiddleston (sploosh) to a brand new movie set in a galaxy far far away, 2015 is filled with the promise of magic and the Honeys can't wait. So this week, the Honeys have compiled the movies they're MOST stoked for in the coming year. Obviously, there is quite a lot of overlap, but that's because STAR WARS and MAD MAX!

What movie are YOU most excited for in 2015? Let us know on Twitter, using #moviesin2015!

Head Honey Kat - Star Wars Episode VII & Krampus

Revenge Honey Linnie - Crimson Peak
No trailer yet, but hummina hummina hummina

Sci-Fi Honey 1.0 Jen - Star Wars Episode VII & Mad Max: Fury Road

Sci-Fi Honey 2.0 Katie - Mad Max: Fury Road & It Follows

Hardcover Honey Jocelyn - Mad Max: Fury Road

Gamer Honey Kaley - The Order: 1886 (video game)

Supernatural Honey Suzanne - Mad Max: Fury Road, Star Wars Episode VII, & Jurassic World

Horror TV Honey Lisa - It Follows