The Horror Honeys: Friday Favorites ~ The Honeys Respectfully Dissent!

Friday Favorites ~ The Honeys Respectfully Dissent!

Have you ever been shunned for hating a movie that everyone else loves? Maybe you got the giggles while you watched The Notebook with schmaltz-loving friends. Or perhaps, you did a spit-take with your soda when Rose shoved Jack off that door in Titanic instead of moving her selfish ass five inches to the left. In horror land, when you just can't with a movie that is universally beloved, it can often lead to name-calling, Twitter-shaming, or worse, the threat of having your "horror fan" card revoked. But we at the Honeys say, "ENOUGH!" Just as with last week's bad movie love fest, this week, we admit to the movies we have no use for. Some are classics, some are whole series, (some even made other Honeys say "whaaaat? Noooo!") but one thing is certain: we refuse to pretend we care anymore.

Do YOU have a classic horror film that you hate? Let us know on Twitter using #hatethishorror!

Head Honey Kat - Poltergeist

Revenge Honey Linnie - The Descent

Sci-Fi Honey 1.0 Jen - The entire Saw franchise

Sci-Fi Honey 2.0 Katie - Hellraiser

Hardcover Honey Jocelyn - Paranormal Activity

Gamer Honey Kaley - World War Z

Horror TV Honey Lisa - Rosemary's Baby

Slasher Honey Chassity - The Exorcist