The Horror Honeys: DVD & Blu-ray Releases for January 6, 2015!

DVD & Blu-ray Releases for January 6, 2015!

Given that the holidays are over, and most people have already blown their giftcards on stuff they won't want in a few weeks, it seems an odd time to release a ton of great films. But release them they have! From Horns to The Guest, and some old classics with a blu-ray upgrade, get ready to drop some major dough. Because it's shopping time!

DVD & Blu-ray Releases for 1/6/15
Archer Vice: Season 5
Horns (Reviewed by Supernatural Honey here!)
The Guest
No Good Deed
The Sword of Doom: Criterion Release
Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh (Check out the Head Honey's series review!)
The Boys from Brazil
Black Swan (Blu-ray Special Edition)
Revolution: Season 2
Arrow: Season 2