The Horror Honeys: DVD & Blu-ray Releases for January 27, 2015!

DVD & Blu-ray Releases for January 27, 2015!

Well, this is one of those weeks when we have a lot of films coming to DVD, but uh, not a lot to choose from. But if you like Uwe Boll (and if you do, shame, shame, shame on you), we suppose it's kind of an exciting week? Otherwise, there are some B-films, an Elijah Wood movie, a few foreign horrors, one animated movie, and a single film that some of the Honeys are excited about. So, maybe save your pennies this month and wait for Redbox. Or better yet, re-watch last week's releases.

Why waste a good excite face?

DVD & Blu-ray Releases for 1/27/15
Book of Life
The Remaining
Stephen King's Big Driver 
Miss Meadows (Look for the Revenge Honey's review on Wednesday!)
Open Windows
The Unliving
Más negro que la noche
Attack of the 50 Ft Cheerleader
Why Don't You Play in Hell?
Crime Scene Cleaner
Feed the Gods
Black Woods (directed by Uwe Boll, starring Patrick Muldoon, & presented without further comment)
Sanctimony (directed by Uwe Boll, starring Casper Van Dien, & presented without further comment)