The Horror Honeys: DOLLS: “Toys are loyal and that’s a fact”

DOLLS: “Toys are loyal and that’s a fact”

A Supernatural Honey Retro Review by Suzanne

Dolls (1987)

Even though I hated the crap-fest that was Annabelle last year, I still maintain that dolls are fucking creepy. I dug into the vaults of my collection and watched a film I haven’t seen in years, the Stuart Gordon directed, Brian Yuzna produced, Dolls.

Six travelers get caught in a surprise storm in the country. They wind up at the isolated mansion of a toymaker and his wife. The other inhabitants of the house are an extensive collection of dolls. These dolls do not take kindly to people who don’t appreciate toys.

Among the group are two British punk chicks, who plan to rob the old couple, a selfish man, his rich-bitch wife, and his overly imaginative daughter, Judy, and Ralph, a man with the heart of a child.

Gabriel (Guy Rolfe) and his wife, Hilary (Hilary Mason), are more than mere toymakers. If you spend the night in their home, you’ll need to pass a test: You need to believe in toys and encourage imagination. If not, the toys will take action and you will become one of them.

Watching this again, after so many years and so many Toy Story films and shorts, you can begin to see a very similar theme: toys becoming active when their people are asleep or not around. The idea that, even though you grow up, your toys will never forget you and that they remain loyal, are prevalent throughout. Of course, Dolls is much more violent and bloody than Toy Story.

Dolls is classic 80s horror and it has everything you would expect from a Charles Band production, from the atmosphere and setting (Dolls was filmed on the same sets as From Beyond), to the over the top acting. There is a lot of stop motion action and puppetry at work and, even though it’s a little rough, the dolls are really evil looking. Even the opening credits are creepy with disembodied dolls heads next to each credit. 

Dolls is pure camp, but the idea of the toys being created from people who don’t believe in toys is actually pretty terrifying. This is why I refuse to grow up. I worry about my cats conspiring to kill me, I don’t need to worry about my toys too.

Supernatural Honey verdict: 3 doll armies out of 5

Dolls is available on Blu-ray & DVD