The Horror Honeys: You'll scream till dawn!

You'll scream till dawn!

A Supernatural Honey Holiday Horror Nightmare by Suzanne

To All a Goodnight (1980)

I thought after I watched all of the Silent Night, Deadly Night sequels last year, I had subjected myself to the worst holiday horror had to offer. Man, was I wrong! To All a Goodnight was never on my radar until it was recently released on blu-ray. In other words, I’m currently kicking myself in the head for buying this.

Directed by horror staple David Hess, this film takes something from every 70s slasher film and, naturally, does nothing new or creative with it.

At the Calvin Finishing School for Girls, a small group is left behind at Christmas break. Since the president of the school is away, they decide to bring in some boys and have a salacious party. As soon as the festivities begin, a crazed killer in a bad Santa suit starts picking them off.

The movie begins with a group of girls chanting and tormenting another girl, who falls off a balcony to her death. It’s very Prom Night, but since both films were released in 1980, I guess I can’t cry, “COPY CAT!” We’ll call it a queer coincidence. Cut to two years later where we see a picture of the dead girl, a list and someone in a Santa suit crossing off the names before anyone actually dies. I guess they were being proactive.

Now, I don’t know if the writer did research while coming up with the idea for this script, but a finishing school is not college, it’s a charm school and girls normally only attended for a year. Obviously, the girls at this school were seriously lacking in the ability to learn charm, since most of them were pushing 30 and were there long enough for someone to seek revenge. 

I’m not really sure how to convey the amount of dumb shit that happens. 
How about bullet points?

The guys they invited flew in on a private plane because, apparently, there was a landing strip behind the school.

The pilot of said plane was left to fend for himself for several days, as we see him later on, sleeping under the plane.

One of the girls, preparing to seduce one of the boys, puts on a swimsuit before crawling into bed. Sexy?

The killer takes the time to bury the victims.

At one point we discover the killer has been wearing a suit of armor and standing in the corner of the living room for, well, no one knows how long. This is interesting since the living room is where everyone spends most of their time.

We have a “crazy Ralph” who walks around the house with hedge trimmers, I guess to throw us off.

It’s obvious almost immediately who the killer is.
Much like Black Christmas, the holiday is really just an excuse to have the girls left alone. It’s shot in California, probably at a Best Western, so we don’t even have snow to add to the element of isolation. The exterior shots are done almost entirely in the daytime using a filter. All of the kills are completed with an axe or knife and we never see penetration. Was that intentional or simply bad editing? We may never know.

Say something nice:
This movie is so utterly predictable you only need to watch the first 15 minutes to know how it’s going to end so you don’t need to torture yourself for 90 like I did.

Supernatural Honey Verdict: Zero Christmas spirit out of 5