The Horror Honeys: We're Still Talking about Beth?

We're Still Talking about Beth?

A Horror TV Honey Lesson in Manners by Lisa

For a character who rarely had anything to do, Beth Greene sure is having an active afterlife. The petitions for Beth to be returned to The Walking Dead are going strong and now there is even a rumor that Kirkman and Gimple are feeling the pressure and are about to cave. Say it isn't so! 

First and foremost; I truly sympathize with everyone that is feeling a genuine sense of loss after the death of Beth Greene. That being said, this is a drama about people trying to survive the zombie apocalypse; "trying" being the operative word here.

If you read an earlier rant from me about Ms. Greene, then you already know that I have sufficiently grieved her loss and am officially ready to move on. This Beth thing just isn't going away though and I can't help but feel really sad for everyone involved in this malarky. Seeing as how this one death, of many, on The Walking Dead has caused everyone to have volatile opinions that they feel the need to shout about all of the time, I shall join in the fun.
It seems as though these petitions to bring a character back are exceptionally dismissive, rude and downright insulting to the show writers. These petitions are telling them that they no longer know how to correctly do their job. They were doing a great job for four seasons and seven episodes, but they really shit the bed on that eighth episode. Had there been a huge outcry this whole season about how lackluster the writing was, I could understand where all of this outrage is coming from, but this season started off with a bang and has held steady. No one likes to be told how to do their job. 

Also, if you aren't a writer on the show and, therefore, have no idea where the rest of season five is going to take us, how do you know that Beth went out too early? Everyone involved with the show has made it very clear that season five is a rough one and it's only going to get darker. Beth is just the beginning. Will there be petitions for every character death from here on out? You do realize that anyone is on the proverbial chopping block at any time, yes? Daryl could die. It's true. Rick could die. Carl could die, but that may not bother people because most people complain that he's annoying. Kind of like how everyone complained about Beth being annoying; until she was dead and, allegedly, still had a lot of story to tell. Carl really isn't any more annoying than anyone else at his age and he definitely has a lot of story ahead of him. Carl has consistently changed from season to season as he adapts and learns to deal with loss and watching his father change. Will there be petitions for him to come back if he is killed? It could be argued that Carl is also only used as a character to further another (a man's) story. How is Daryl caring for, protecting and teaching Beth any different from Rick doing the same with Carl?

More than all of the many arguments and theories that can be created in regards to Beth and whether or not her character deserved to die, there is the fact that by focusing on the negative you are, essentially, ruining your own love of a television show.  Rather than talking about all of the other amazing things that have happened this season, people are choosing to focus on anger and negativity. This is something I simply cannot wrap my brain around. When you make the decision to go on a journey with a television show, you are accepting the entire journey. Not just the bits that you approve of. The Walking Dead can't go on forever and the fact that the show is willing to kill off beloved characters is a good thing. You know what's worse than a show killing someone that you love? Going on for too many seasons and making you slowly hate it. I will take a Breaking Bad over a Dexter or True Blood any day.