The Horror Honeys: The Walking Dead: Why Beth Had to Die

The Walking Dead: Why Beth Had to Die

A Horror TV Honey Character Spotlight by Lisa

Despite everyone's complaints about Beth and how annoying she was, her death on the mid season finale was still a huge shock and a lot of fans were left feeling irritated at the end of the episode. So, what's the deal?

Show runner Scott Gimple spoke with Lesley Goldberg of The Hollywood Reporter and answered some questions about this controversial death:

Why was it Beth's time to die?
I was definitely planning this since season four in some ways; in broad strokes. We honed up exactly what it was this season. We had to be planning it since season four because the white cross car was in episode 413. Many aspects of the Grady Memorial story we had more or less hashed out since then.
Emily has been outspoken that she felt like there was more of Beth's story to tell.
There absolutely was a lot more of the character to explore. Losing this character is incredibly tragic, awful and painful. Not working with Emily is massively rough. I loved working with Emily. Why was it this character's time to go? We wanted to tell a story about a character that found out that she was strong all along. What ever that was thrown at her brought out that strength. In the end, someone who wanted to appear strong a compromised person [Dawn], wound up taking her out, which is just a tragic story. It's not a fun story or a story we took lightly. Beth didn't die because she was weak; Beth died because she was strong and that's painful, and it's not fun and it's not to be taken lightly and we don't. A lot of things happen on this show that are tragic. How do these characters go on after that? What would motivate them to go on after that? 
Um, no.
There had been a lot of speculation that Beth could have been a love interest for Daryl. Was that something you'd ever considered?
I wouldn't want to define it one way or the other as to what we might have done. Those two characters reached an incredible level of intimacy and really helped each other in incredibly significant ways. Daryl is going to be destroyed that this has happened. To have seen his reaction in anger and aguish says a lot.

Anyone who watched The Talking Dead after the Coda episode knows exactly how heartbreaking it was for Emily to leave the show. I can only speak for myself when I say that I am surprised by how hard I took Beth's death. I really took for granted how special she was to everyone in the group. 

How did you feel about losing Beth?