The Horror Honeys: Sleepy Hollow: Season 2, Episode 12 ~ The Akeda

Sleepy Hollow: Season 2, Episode 12 ~ The Akeda

A Horror TV Honey Mid Season Finale Review by Lisa

You know what I love about Sleepy Hollow? The way they always dive right in where they left off last episode. They never pull any of that nonsense where they make you sit through a flashback or something even more trying. Nope, they just keep on going and this usually sets the tone for the entire episode; this was mostly true for this episode. 

After learning that electronic devices do not work during the apocalypse, Abbie and Ichabod commandeer a motorcycle. Did you ever think you would see the day? Ichabod is not only on a motorcycle, but he is looking for the safety buckle and then giddy as a school girl when he hops off of it. You heard the man; Ichabod has one item on his Christmas list and it has two wheels and no safety belt.

That Beetlejuice town model finally revealed it's purpose. All of the previous incidents in Sleepy Hollow create a pentagram over the city-just like the pentagram in Moloch's lair. Yes, everything always comes together on this show. At times it can be a wee bit silly, but everything always comes full circle and I highly respect them for this. Every single thing that Henry had said or done this season all comes into play on this episode and it does not end well for all parties.

We all knew that someone in Sleepy Hollow was not going to return from the mid season finale, but I really, truly never, ever saw this death coming. Sleepy Hollow writers, you did NOT just kill off Captain Irving after barely acknowledging him all season long! I suggest you use this holiday break to find some witchy way for Katrina to bring Irving back; that woman needs to be good for something. She certainly isn't doing well by her marriage or her wardrobe.

Henry Parish has daddy issues that run much deeper than any of us could have imagined. He was so very excited to be reunited with Moloch at the very spot that Moloch resurrected him. He was so delighted to be with his "real" father. The question has been raised all season; will Ichabod and Katrina have it in themselves to kill Henry if that is what it comes down to? Well, I think we all know that Katrina isn't going to do anything useful, but Ichabod, he may be able to do it.

After the usual traipsing around in underground tunnels, Ichabod and Miss Jenny find Frank Irving, rather quickly and easily if you ask me, and bring him back with them to kill Abraham. Seriously, are there Star Trek type "beam me up Scotty" thingy-madoos in these tunnels? How does everyone move around Sleepy Hollow so quickly in these tunnels and how does it seem as if the tunnels actually encompass a larger area than Sleepy Hollow itself? Well, my brain may refuse to accept all of these secret, underground tunnels, but it's totally fine with a demon army.

Moloch and his demon army are wicked rad. It's too bad that they can't hang around without messing up the joint with blood hail and stuff. 

There was a lot of talking and debating in this episode and not all of it was completely necessary. Every time the action kicked up, there was a tiresome argument that intervened and ruined the pacing. Unfortunately, this made for a herky jerky roller coaster ride that killed all of the fun when Captain Frank Irving paid the ultimate price for being a true fighter. This is a 100% uncalled for death. Definitely not Sleepyhead approved and it certainly doesn't help to endear anyone to Katrina when her spell doesn't save him. I am so verklempt over this death, that I choose to believe that it is possible for Irving to return. After all, this is a world where people walk around without heads. Surely, a good man who has fought for all of the right things can make a comeback in some sort of roundabout way. Yes?

The death of Captain Irving basically put a damper on the remainder of the episode. Everything that came after felt hollow and lost any emotional punch that it could have had because we were still reeling from that death. Yeah, Abbie and Ichabod reconfirmed their commitment to one another, Katrina made it clear that she would not kill her son and Ichabod tried to use a bible story to turn everything around. Whatev. The only death anyone was hoping for was the one that Henry didn't follow through on and the only reason he didn't is because he was heartbroken by his "real" father. Sigh. Henry killed Moloch and now he can be on the same team as his parents. The only good thing that could come of this would be the introduction of a new Big Bad because Henry has cashed all of his chips in.

Allegedly, the Sleepy Hollow writers are well aware of the fans' concerns and they promise that they know exactly what they are doing, but the last fifteen minutes of this mid season finale has left me less than optimistic about that claim.