The Horror Honeys: More Snow, More Blood, More Prey

More Snow, More Blood, More Prey

A Supernatural Honey Winder Wonderland Review by Suzanne

Cold Prey 2 (2008)

On Sunday I spat out some rather positive words about a Norwegian horror film called Cold Prey (Fritt Vilt). Well, if you can’t get enough of remote, snowy slicing and dicing, there is a watchable sequel called… wait for it… Cold Prey 2. I know, right? Super clever.

Picking up exactly where Part 1 leaves off, we get an up close and personal view of some dead bodies, including our dead mountain psycho. Yeah, he’s definitely dead.

After Jannicke (Ingrid Bolsø Berdal) survives the attack that killed her friends, she is found on the road by a search and rescue guy. She wakes up in a hospital, battered, but alive and being cared for by compassionate resident doctor, Camilla (Marthe Snorresdotter Rovik). Jannicke obviously told her story to someone because the bodies of her friends and the killer are now in the hospital morgue. Camilla offers Jannicke the opportunity for some closure by showing her the dead bodies of her friends. That was thoughtful. It was also nice of all the actors who got killed off in the first film to show up and lay on slabs for an afternoon.

I would also like to point out there are only two doctors, a nurse and two other patients, besides Jannicke, in the hospital. How very Halloween II of them! But wait! They have an explanation for this. The hospital is closing down and they were just waiting to have the last two patients transferred when Jannicke was found and spoiled the party.

Anyballs… When Jannicke realizes her friends aren’t the only ones in the morgue, she freaks the fuck out and attacks the body of the man who nearly killed her. Low and behold, he’s not dead… ‘Scuse me? He got a pickaxe in the chest and fell hundreds of feet into a crevasse.

There is a whole bizarre backstory on our fuzzy maniac, that also sort of explains his ability to return from the dead, but the attempt at trying to humanize him and also explain his dehumanization is unnecessary. They build off the revelation from the end of the first film.

The other problem here is the translation. In this film it’s a little wonky and can be hard to follow at times. I don’t speak the Norwegian language, but it was very apparent what I was reading was not what they were saying on many occasions.

Still, this sequel, while full of story issues, is still worth a watch if only to see Jannicke kick a whole lot more mountain man ass and some really superb kills. We also get a whole lot of girl power in this film as Jannicke and Camilla work together to take down the savage giant. There is closure. Nothing is left to wonder about.

There is a Cold Prey 3, but it’s a prequel. I haven’t seen it. I probably won’t see it. No, I’m sure I won’t see it.

Supernatural Honey Verdict: 2.5 bloody pickaxes out of 5