The Horror Honeys: Horror TV Honey's 2014 Wrap-up!

Horror TV Honey's 2014 Wrap-up!

A Best of 2014 with the Horror TV Honey Lisa 

Who the hell am I to decide what is best or worst? No one. So, I shall simply tell you what movies and television delighted me the most this past year. With the exception of The Canal being my favorite of 2014, I present these in no particular order.

1. The Canal: This is the best horror movie I have seen all year and, yes, I saw The Babadook and Starry Eyes. The Canal is a sublimely low key and truly terrifying ghost story with an absolutely shocking ending.

2. The Sacrament: Ti West only does it for me 50% of the time and A.J. Bowen does it for me 100% of the time. This, "don't call it a found footage film" gifted us with Bowen's finest performance to date and West's most fully realized and painstakingly crafted story; he didn't miss one single detail.

3. Nightcrawler: Biggest pleasant surprise of my year. Truly, I went to see this film because I have an unhealthy obsession with Mr. Gyllenhaal. Wow! This movie was gorgeous. L.A. was filmed in it's true grit and glory while a man of questionable morals pursues the American dream on his own bloody terms. Fingers crossed for Gyllenhaal to pull a dark horse move and get nominated for an Oscar. Yeah, he's that good.

4. Pieces of Talent: You know, sometimes you are sent a screener and you are opposite of excited about watching it. Enter Pieces of Talent.  Truth be told, I may have gone into this movie already disliking it despite knowing very little about it. Well, I am more than happy to eat crow on this one. Pieces of Talent is a wonderful piece of homicidal mania with a delightfully endearing psychopath. Even the extras on the DVD are amazing. Buy this film now!

5. Proxy: To speak too much of Proxy is to ruin the viewing experience. Do you like Alfred Hitchcock? Do you love it when a kill scene is so inexplicably beautiful that you watch it over and over again? Then, you should see this movie.

6. The Purge-Anarchy: Is this the Godfather 2 of horror? A sequel that is leaps and bounds better than it's predecessor, The Purge-Anarchy delivered what I had hoped the first film was going to. Genuine suspense with some awesome kills and a look into what will drive different people to murder. Bonus points for all of this being grounded by the impossibly handsome Frank Grillo. Frank, where have you been all of my life?

7. Cheap Thrills: This is another movie that can be ruined by speaking too freely about the plot. Just know that Pat Healy delivers 110%. You'll laugh, you'll cringe and you'll have an absolute blast.

8. Blue Ruin: A revenge tale perfectly acted and executed. This is one of those movies that I watched again immediately after the end credits.

9. The Guest: O.K., it's no secret that I love Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard, but that does NOT mean that I love this movie just because they wrote and directed it. Nope. This is a full on action thriller with some fantastic performances. Matthew Crawley who?

10. Dracula Untold: This is a really good movie. It looks gorgeous, it tells a different story, it's engaging and the fight scenes are epic. If Vlad the Impaler even becomes a character on Game of Thrones, this is what it will look like. It really is too bad that this film did not get the recognition that it deserved.


1. The Walking Dead: I still maintain that "No Sanctuary" is the "Ozymandias" of The Walking Dead. This season has been the best so far and I'm equal parts excited and dreading what the final eight episodes hold.
2. Penny Dreadful: Eva Green at the seance. That is all.

3. True Detective: The six minute tracking shot in episode 4 is one of the finest things to ever grace the television screen.

4. Hannibal: What can you say about a show that makes you fall in love with a cannibalistic psycho? Every week Hannibal delivers gorgeous crime scenes and culinary moments that have me thinking that I just may enjoy eating human flesh. Well, as long as Mads is the one cooking and serving it to me.

Best 200th Episode: Supernatural. This has got the be the best love letter to fans that a show has ever managed to pull off. It simply reminded all of us why we love the show, the characters, the actors and the writers enough to stay with them through 200 plus episodes.

Worst of 2014.

That's such a negative thing to say. Just because I don't care for something certainly doesn't mean that you shouldn't either. I choose to point out two movies and two television shows that I just didn't get. A lot of people really, really enjoyed these, but I simply couldn't find it in myself to join the party.

1. Wolf Creek 2: I don't entirely understand how dude went from a cold blooded maniac to a wise cracking, kangaroo murdering nut-job, but I don't care for it.

2. Willow Creek: There is a 24 minute static shot of two people in a tent listening to suspicious sounds. 


1.The Strain: Two words- Bad. Rug.

2.True Blood: Kind of felt as though I was being punished for sticking by it for 7 seasons.

Special mention: American Horror Story: Freakshow
AHS, you have officially been warned. If I hadn't just revisited the first season, I would have written you off completely, but I was reminded of all of the glorious bits of creepy goodness that Mr. Murphy set up in that first season. T.V. Babies, do yourself a favor and go back and watch the AHS franchise again. I think you'll be surprised how much the seasons do, indeed, weave together. Color me newly enchanted by this show.