The Horror Honeys: Honey Gamer Review ~ Slender: The Arrival

Honey Gamer Review ~ Slender: The Arrival

Name: Slender: The Arrival
Game Style: Survival horror
Platform: Microsoft Windows, OSX, Playstation Live, Xbox Live Arcade
Developer: Blue Isle Studios

Slender: The Arrival, is a re-imagining of Slender: The Eight Pages, a short gaming experience that brought the Slender Man mythology to gamers. The game was recently released to PS3 and Xbox 360, and players/gaming sites having been losing their minds over it ever since. Obviously, I jumped at the chance play The Arrival and by the time I found myself 2/3 of the way through, I found myself thinking...

This is it?

As soon as The Arrival started, I found myself chuckling at the style of the first person gameplay: it's essentially found footage. See that picture to the left? You play the game while looking through a video camera, so it's falling back on that ridiculous cliche of, "yes, I'm searching for my missing friend and horrible, terrifying things are happening, but GODDAMNIT, I will not let go of this camera!" I don't appreciate it in my movies and it turns out, I don't really care for it in my video games either.

It's Kabuki Jason!

You play The Arrival as Lauren, a young woman looking for her lost friend, Kate. The game is separated up into chapters, in which you pursue Kate, while being chased by the Slender Man and a masked figure. You have no weapons in the game, only a flashlight, and your only option when in danger is to run. This may entertain some people, but eventually, the sound of leaves crunching under my feet was turning me into a rage machine and I'd have to get up and walk away.

I also didn't find The Arrival as frightening as everyone else seems to. In fact, I found the scares repetitive, and rather lazy. If you don't appreciate the jump scare style of horror that seems to be so frigging prevalent nowadays, this game probably won't do a lot for you either. After the third time I was assaulted by ghostly static, I was pretty much over The Arrival.

I'm genuinely curious if I missed something here. Is there some subtle factor to The Arrival that was lost on me? Did you play and love it? Then please, contact me on Twitter and let me know. Because as it stands, Slender: The Arrival impressed me about as much as Slenderman, the story. Which is to say...

Not at all.