The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Watch Tilda Swinton become Minister Mason

Honey Buzz ~ Watch Tilda Swinton become Minister Mason

In an interview with Deadline, Honey favorite, Tilda Swinton, talks about her transformation from ethereal gender bending goddess (don't deny it) into the awkwardly wonderful Minister Mason in Bong Joon-ho's breakout dystopian sci-fi indie, Snowpiercer. Ending up on several "best of" lists this year, Snowpiercer isn't a horror film per-se, but it doesn't mean that it escaped our notice. Thankfully, the various awards outlets have been paying attention too, and if Tilda doesn't get an award for this role, we'll all be throwing shoes at the TV. 

Check out her transformation and what she had to say about her role:

I was surprised to hear this was actually written for a man originally, right?It was written for a “mild-mannered man in a suit” and Bong Joon-ho and I were friends and we were trying to find something to work on together. I read (Snowpiercer) and I saw there was nothing for me, but I was really keen to see the film. Bong wrote to me a few weeks later and said, “What about the mild-mannered man in a suit? Who do you imagine?” It was like trying to make fire with two wet sticks. It kind of slowly dried out, slowly dried out, and I started to have a very wicked fantasy. 
So how much re-writing and how were you involved in re-shaping the character at all?No re-writing at all. As you can hear, Mason’s referred to constantly as “sir,” and “he,” and then sometimes people said “she.” You know what? What’s a gender between friends? I think it’s, so who knows what Mason is? 

Did you have specific ideas about how you wanted this character to appear?We started out with this gesture that we were going to do. I started to think about dictators. What’s the most sinister thing about dictators, actually, is the way in which—with a little bit of hindsight, or even at the time—we turn them into clowns. We end up finding them rather endearing and hilarious. So I was thinking of monstrous clowns and thinking that that might be a way of disrupting this mild-mannered man in a suit. It would be nice to throw a different shape. So between us, Bong and I started to think of clowns, and it so happens that the real grain at the heart of Mason is someone from my own life who I can’t name, for the sake of sensitivity, but someone in my childhood—someone who was kind of that shape, who was a bit dictatorial and had made that sort of noise, and didn’t actually look like that.  
I always wanted to play a character with a nose like that because of what it does to the eyes, actually. So we got a piece of sellotape and put my nose up, and then we thought, “Oh, well, then maybe I’d better have some teeth.” So we wrote it down, “Let’s get some teeth.” What about some googly glasses? What about a wig that kind of moves around? And huge breasts? It was like Halloween, basically.