The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ The Walking Dead Pinball Machine Accessories!

Honey Buzz ~ The Walking Dead Pinball Machine Accessories!

It's possible that I'm posting this specifically for the guys at Walker Stalker Con, but I also happen to love pinball machines! Stern Pinball has announced the immediate availability of custom accessories for their official Walking Dead pinball machine...and they're really amazing. 

You can check out the glory that is the pinball machine itself HERE when we squee'd about it back in early September!

MELROSE PARK, IL – December 8, 2014 – Stern Pinball, Inc., the world's oldest and largest producer of arcade-quality pinball machines, officially announced the availability of four licensed and custom-developed pinball accessories for its latest release, AMC’s The Walking Dead. The accessories are available for purchase on the Stern Pinball website:

In response to market demand, Stern is now offering unique, game-specific accessories that further enhance the appeal of its pinball machines and enable pinball fans to customize their games to suit their personal tastes.

The Walking Dead accessories include:

·       A Governor-style fish tank topper complete with three fully detailed zombie heads designed and sculpted by Greg Nicotero (!!!!) The topper is accompanied by game-integrated lighting that attracts players and adds zombie ambiance to any room.

·       An authentic zombie head shooter knob that adds tactile art to a player’s first interaction with the game (teehee, #zombieknob)

·       Custom-designed, artistic inside-panels that add dimension to the pinball playfield area

·       Blood splattered side-armor that further enhances The Walking Dead pinball experience - plus...Don't Dead Open Inside?? That's a winner right there!

Retail Pricing and Availability:
The Walking Dead Pinball Backbox Topper:               $399.99 U.S.
The Walking Dead Pinball Zombie Shooter Knob:      $79.99 U.S.
The Walking Dead Pinball Playfield Side Art Panels:  $79.99 U.S.
The Walking Dead Pinball Side Armor Trim:               $499.99 U.S.

The Walking Dead accessories are available now through the Stern Store and select authorized Stern distributors and dealers.