The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Terminator Genisys OFFICIAL Trailer

Honey Buzz ~ Terminator Genisys OFFICIAL Trailer

OK, I talk a LOT of smack on Honey Buzz about stuff that should never be made or should never have happened in the first place (I'm looking at YOU, Lifetime)and I always have reasoning to back up my smack. But when I'm wrong, I admit it.

The trailer for Terminator Genisys (UGH) has been released...and it looks...kind of awesome. Not Star Wars 7 awesome, but y'know, better than I expected.

HOWEVER, that might just be latent impressions from the knowledge that we get to see Jai Courtney naked, which should just about overpower his acting, and that little miss Mother of Dragons is looking like a decent Linda Hamilton successor, at least in the yelling of familiar lines department...yeah...I said it. Well, kinda said it.

LOL I love that this picture exists.
NOW, since they've given away pretty much ALL of the interesting plot related stuff in the trailer, I might not actually have to see the movie now.

Coming back to a time where Sarah Connor is weak and confused? Nice segway to her being a complete powerhouse. I can live with that.

Now - did Genisys really need to be made? No...not fucking really. Does the T-whatever live up to Robert Patrick's awesomeness? Meh...but hey, it's all CGI anyway, and it looks like they're sticking with the same mercury-esque look to the transformations, just updated with some new wizardry.

Terminator Genisys is slated for a summer blockbuster timeline, so get ready to fist bump your bro's and WOO in the theatre when Arnie croaks out his signature lines that I'm sure he's requested be in every script and wait until July 2015 for your testosterone rush and pew pew noises.

Considering this is early days of post-production, I expect we'll see more trailers, and some more promo photos that will likely include Emilia Clarke in some state of undress, ooooh maybe a side-boob shower scene....action movies aren't really awesome unless you get some of that action.

I honestly still haven't decided how many fucks I give yet.