The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ The new face...err... of Mason Verger!

Honey Buzz ~ The new face...err... of Mason Verger!

Michael Pitt
Courtesy of The Vulture, and the tortured wails of Fannibals everywhere, news may have reached you already of the departure of the original owner of the face of psychopathic hog obsessed brat, Mason Verger. If you're NOT, well... Michael Pitt, who played the horrifyingly well written Mason Verger, will not be rejoining the cast for Season 3. 

However, Mason's story didn't end in Season 2, oh no. Mason Verger returns in Season 3 to be voiced and characterized by Joe Anderson (The River and The Divide). We all remember what happened to Mason's face in Season 2, and the books... and the movie... so what happens next will all be up to Anderson's physicality and vocal uniqueness he can bring to the role. 

Joe Anderson
Now, regardless of what I could flail about with...I can't say that I'm in full on rage mode for this casting change...but will Joe Anderson be doing a bad impression of Michael Pitt, or will Fannibals be seeing an entirely new Mason Verger in Season 3? Will they be shooting more flashbacks to Mason's past, or will they keep him in prosthetics and strapped to machines?

Only time will tell, but my stomach is already rumbling.  

To further whet your appetite, Anderson is a cheeky monkey, and has been posting photos on his of which has since been removed, of him in full prosthetic makeup, plus some other behind the scenes teasers which remain on his instagram account.

This is the photo that is now missing...please don't send me a takedown notice...
Unless Mads will be delivering it. Then it's ok.

(Photo source: Variety)