The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Mad Max Trailer!

Honey Buzz ~ Mad Max Trailer!

Mad Max : Fury Road theatrical trailer A Comics Honey Explosion- by Shannon

All right GutterBees, this week Warner Bros put up their theatrical teaser trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road on Youtube and… I think I’m pregnant.

Yeah you better blow this bitch up to fullscreen!

I haven’t been as excited for a trailer or even a remake since DREDD and that is saying something. There’s is so much RIGHT ON in this trailer I will go through this step by step:


Oh my god, I have gotten so tired of films (especially action films) that have a monochrome colour scheme. Since The Matrix came out with its digital green monochrome, many movies have decided to ignore their colourists and opted instead for a bland, one tone film.

Not even warm colours either, but often using blues, greens and even browns (Looking at you Book of Eli) and it seems like anytime there’s a Post-Apocalyptic film, its always a washed out colour.

Its SO refreshing to see Fury Road with a hyper-saturated colour palette of blues, yellows, oranges and reds! Which leads me to my next part:


Since Mad Max takes place in I dunno...Australia! The shots are filmed in the Australian desert, making use of the natural environment, because of this, there is less CG in the composition with exception of weather and particle FX (dust, wind, etc..)

I can also see much more stunt work going on in the trailer, instead of having to animate the action. The movement of the vehicles seem to adhere to real physics (the crashes I could argue otherwise)... 

My only worry is the dust storm scene but personal feelings aside, the action feels more grounded than the video game style physics in action films today. I can see the film crew implementing CG in the best way possible: as a supporting character rather than the main lead.


No seriously, I want to kiss the Art Director. I love all of the designs of the vehicles, the desert bandits, the main villain looks BADASS! (I want to see cosplays of this guy) and not to mention the editing of the shots look slick and keeps up with the high pace of the action.

The best part is that the remake of Mad Max is done by the same director as the original cult film, George Miller, in collaborattion with Brendan McCarthy, a legendary British comic artist known for illustrating the Judge Dredd comics!

So yeah, GET EXCITED! Mad Max: Fury Road comes out May 15th 2015 

I know what I am watching on my Birthday!