The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Iron Sky Teaser - Dance, PUTIN, Dance!

Honey Buzz ~ Iron Sky Teaser - Dance, PUTIN, Dance!

If you missed out on the spectacular teaser trailer for Iron Sky 2, you really really need to click this link and experience Adolf Hitler riding a seriously.

Iron Sky 2 is in the middle of another crowdfunding campaign for the sequel to the highly entertaining Sci-Fi Nazisploitation

In a new teaser for the film, producers give a sneak peek at their Putin character, played by Finnish actor Kari Ketonen (Sauna).

Iron Sky producers have put the trailer online and are encouraging fans to remix it.

"I got inspired by the myriad of remixed versions of the new Star Wars teaser trailer,” said Iron Skydirector Timo Vuorensola. “I wanted to see and hear what our fans can come up with this material.”

The film's producers will take the best remixes and post them on Iron Sky's official Facebook page and YouTube account. The action is part of the crowd funding campaign for Iron Sky The Coming Race on the IndieGoGo platform:

We have just launched a Character Teaser video of one of our villains, President Putin (played by Kari Ketonen). In the video he's showing off some pretty impressive dance moves and next we want to to give you guys the opportunity to remix your own vision of Putin’s little victory dance and share it with the world!

Download the remix pack and check out the instructions here.

(Source: THR)