The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Fake TWD News...Fuck Off About Beth Already

Honey Buzz ~ Fake TWD News...Fuck Off About Beth Already

We all know the story by now - and if you're STILL in denial about this TWD death and get mad at me for spoilers, you can go jump in a fire.

In an inexplicable turn of events, TWD's resident delicate flower, Beth Greene, is even more popular after death than she ever was alive on The Walking Dead for Seasons 2-5. Our Horror TV Honey, Lisa Fremont, had some tough love for denial boosters...and you should check them out HERE

There was even a petition to bring little Miss Greene back from the dead to come back to the show for another chance at telling her survival story. However, thanks to Wetpaint, all the fans who were sucked in by a fake story making the rounds courtesy of bullshit news source National Report, can dry their happy tears, stop planning the Bethyl reunion and subsequent apocalypse marriage, and finally get back to reality. 

The fake story's headline is "AMC’s The Walking Dead Agrees To Bring Beth Greene Back To Life," and it has more than 29,000 "likes" and 73,000 Facebook shares, which proves that there's no news like fake news. (Or fake tweets.)
According to WetPaint, the story purports to quote a FOX executive who says he agrees with the fan petition that Beth's storyline has major potential and that her Season 5 midseason finale death only occurred to further Daryl Dixon's path. In the words of our Horror TV Honey, "Uh duh." 

They also added this little segment...which I personally hope lands someone in some serious hot water:
"Sources report that TWD executive producer Robert Kirkman has been putting in overtime with AMC and FOX networks to figure out how he can re-write Beth into the series. Rumors state that Kirkman is scheming to have Beth’s death be all in the dreams of Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride). It’s the only strategy that will likely work, as Carol is in love with Daryl, and knows that Beth is a threat to that. It is beyond logical for Carol to have dreamed of Beth’s demise. While it is difficult to receive comment from Kirkman himself, sources say he’s openly admitted he’s 'working on it' when asked about bringing Beth back to life on the show. It seems that The Walking Dead fans are winning the Beth Greene battle."