The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ Entertainment Weekly's BEST posters of 2014

Honey Buzz ~ Entertainment Weekly's BEST posters of 2014

I love Entertainment Weekly's annual "best of" lists, and this year, I was absolutely delighted to see that of their 25 Best Movie Posters of 2014, that a large chunk of them were from horror/sci-fi movies...

Why am I celebrating? Because it's about DAMN time. Horror movie poster art is some of the most provocative and industry shaking around. How do you sell a film to the elusive mainstream audience while giving horror audiences what they crave without giving everything away in the artwork? With style. That's how. The posters below mark 9 of the 25 best (according to EW anyway) poster releases of 2014 (I'm also stoked to see Wolfcop on this list).



This week also marked the release of EW's 10 WORST movie posters of 2014...and only two movies classed as horror films made the chopping block...and they were kind of predictable... sigh.