The Horror Honeys: Honey Buzz ~ The Crow more Luke Evans?

Honey Buzz ~ The Crow more Luke Evans?

My mourning for the reboot of The Crow might be headed for some selfish glee, as plans for the film seem to be bleeding from an arterial wound... After losing their director yesterday (a director that had been signed on to the project since 2012, BTW), and signing a new one - Corin Hardy who has short film experience (three titles to be precise) and is currently directing a horror film in Ireland - The Crow may also be on the lookout for a new lead. 

In an interview with Den of Geek, Luke Evans' update on The Crow is not encouraging...which pleases me greatly in an awful self-satisfied way. 

 “It’s not [progressing], no,” said the actor. “No, at the minute The Crow is not, not for me, I think it’s a little… I mean I’m sure it’s going to go ahead at some point, but I have other projects that are greenlit and ready to go and projects that I’m very interested in and you know, I can’t wait much longer!”

Mark Wahlberg and then Bradley Cooper were attached to star early on, and James McAvoy and Tom Hiddleston were also rumored before Evans eventually won the part, but apparently he was never 100% nailed down for the role. But honestly, could you really see Bradley Cooper in this role? *eyeroll* 

The original plan for The Crow as laid out by its former director, F. Javier GutiĆ©rrez, was to make a “literally page-for-page adaptation” of the book...but who knows what state it will be in now. 

According to the producer (who I called a moron in one article) production is expected to begin in the Spring of 2015, or at least it was supposed to. 

To this news I say: